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Funding your projects,...

Andaman Sea Earth will start soon with direct investment projects in SE ASIA and Africa for Healthcare and Energy projects.

in Asia, Andaman Sea Earth is looking at Solar and Bio Energy projects as well as Medical facilities.

With the Oncology and Cardiology center of excellence facility in Phuket Thailand as the engine, Andaman will start to open feed in facilities and clinics in South East Asia and Africa. 



Andaman Sea Earth Signed an MOU with the Government of Republic of Congo to finish 12 hospitals, manage and operate the facilities and set up the production and the distribution of medication.


Andaman Sea Earth will open these project to investors for direct investments, the facilities will  be guaranteed by a government guarantee.


Andaman Sea Earth will also start Solar Power project in the Maldives these projects will be open for direct investment.

the return is guaranteed by Power Purchase Agreements.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us 

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